Blogging for your Business

The Cure for Online Invisibility

Your most valuable business asset is the relationships you create with your customers. Communication is critical for building and sustaining those relationships. Blogging is a convenient way to keep the lines of communication open.

My mission is to help you communicate what inspires you about your message, so that you will attract those you can best serve. If you are building your business, learn how blogging can help.

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5 reasons to start a blog

1. Your content isn’t getting any younger

Search engines are programmed to prefer more recent content. That’s because people realize that the world is changing fast and want up-to-date information.

To see for yourself, search on any popular subject. The listings that are served up on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) will most likely be more recent postings. A blog is an easy way to publish fresh content as often as you please.

2. Without frequent communication, you become less relevant to customers

Prospects and customers don’t really forget about you, but you becomes less relevant over time. Life moves on, and unless you have systematic plan for keeping in touch, the relationships you worked so hard to establish will fade.

It’s the same feeling you get when an old friend shows up on Facebook. You were great friends in high school, but your lives are different now, and it’s like starting over. Blogging helps you remain a relevant part of the lives of those whom you serve.

3. People have questions about your business

You need to tell people how and why to do business with you. People like businesses that come up with good ideas and an interesting way to deliver them.

The web has spoiled us. If information is the least bit confusing, we keep looking. Blogging enables you to communicate your message in bite-size chunks over a period of time, to keep prospects engaged until they are ready to buy.

4. Your ideas are ol’ skool

Language changes rapidly, and even your good ideas can sound “ol’ skool”. People talk about things in slightly different ways, based on the circumstances of life.

For example, when the economy tanked a couple of years ago, the financial services industry immediately adjusted their language to include minimizing the downside. Any investment company that was still talking about a go-go stock market sounded (and really was) out of touch. A blog enables you to address issues as they arise.

5. Blog are easy to start and tough to maintain

That’s good news, because it keeps your competitors away. They will sputter out unless they have done the planning and preparation needed to keep a blog going.

The value of blogging, just like the value of relationships, is in the long run.

How to get started

I designed some special offers to get you up and running. If you prefer to learn through heartache, go ahead and give the do-it-yourself route a try. But if you would like to find out how to get started the right way, for a modest investment of time and money, please click HERE.


Your website looks the same as it did yesterday. Right?


Your content isn’t getting any younger

To Google (and most other search engines) it looks a day older. And if someone else has posted more recent information, (all things being equal), the search engines give a smidgen of preference to the more recent content. And that means you could rank a little lower.

But doesn’t longevity count? Yes. You earn a smidgen more preference by having a domain name that is a day older. But you lose preference by having outdated content.

Google giveth and Google taketh away.

Your best prospects are fickle

Search engines try to imitate the way human beings think. People want information from established resources, but they want the most current ideas.

Over a period of time, this algorithm (geek-speak that means a “set of rules”) gradually pushes your website downward on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Over time, it becomes harder for prospects who don’t know about you to find you.

Search engines don’t care about your goals

You want visibility on the web, but search engines are programmed to care more about the goals of real people who are out there searching for what they want on the web.

As it turns out, search engines and human beings want the same things:

Information from sources they can trust

Information that is current and relevant in a changing world

Give em what they want

Businesses and service providers are turning to a concept called content marketing. It means to provide valuable information, in order to attract those whom you were meant to serve, so you have the opportunity to convert them into clients.

That body of valuable information is called a “content asset” and it really is an asset, because it belongs to you and it has value.

One of the most effective methods for making valuable information available to audiences of any size is blogging.

How Blogging Works

· With a few keystrokes, you can publish helpful articles highlighting important information about your areas of expertise.

· By using a well-thought-out keyword strategy, you can help search engines index your content properly, so it is easier to find for

· Google searches are now location-sensitive. This means that when people search for information, Google and other search engines give ranking preference to information in their local geographical area.

How to blog badly

Professionals sometimes talk and write as if they are delivering a big speech to an audience of their professional colleagues. This is a mistake.

Your goal is to produce content that is meaningful to your clients—real people. People don’t’ want to be impressed; they want to be helped. Give them helpful content.

How to avoid sputtering out

· Blogs need an endless supply of fresh content. Magazines don’t wake up in the morning and say, what should we publish toady. They keep an editorial calendar. You should too.

· Blogs are a lot of work, so don’t start one without defining your purpose and goals.

· If your blog articles don’t convert, you will lose interest. Figure out how to motivate prospects to take a critical first step in your client acquisition cycle.

Blog Setup Requirements

The offer includes setup of a WordPress blogging platform. We will choose fonts and color schemes to complement those on your website and other marketing materials. This offer does not include creating graphics, but images and custom graphic designs can be added at any point for an additional charge.